Genome Editing

CRISPR services have become the most requested service in the core. We have basic vectors for cloning and expressing sgRNAs and Cas9 nuclease or nickase. 

For generating CRISPR - modified mice, we perform injection of RNAs (Cas9 + sgRNA) and gene targeting templates via microinjection into fertilized mouse embryos.  The fee is the same as for pronuclear injection of DNA (Cornell, Ithaca clients: $2,100; NY State clients: $2,800; out-of-state clients: $3,200; non-academic clients: $5,000). See details on the CRISPR/Cas9 service description document.

If you are new to CRISPRs, we strongly urge that you consult us beforehand.  Priti Singh, PhD is the co-Director of the genome editing component of the core, will handle your technical inquiries.

To initiate a project, download and email a completed CRISPR Microinjection Submission Form to Rob Munroe or Chris Abratte.


For  information email:  Chris Abratte